Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Natural haircare products to use, when wanting to wear the natural look!

Many have asked, how do I wear my hair naturally curly...There are several product lines that allow you to wear your natural curl pattern. You do have to have 95% natural hair (no chemcals) or 100% natural for the recommended products to work. When using a natural hairline, it is best to use the entire line (shampoo, conditioner, curling or defining custards). When you mix natural haircare product lines with regular products it will cause a build up of white flakes and will not give your hair the best curl as when you use the proper product line.

The amount of product you should use.....
The amount of product used will vary from one customer to the next. The amount you need will depend on the final look you wish to achieve and the length and thickness of your hair. Thicker tighter curls need more product and loose wavy curls can get away with using much less. Use more product for very controlled curls and use less product if you want more fullness and body. Also the more product you apply the longer your style will last.

My hair feels crunchy or hard....
The product can dry with a firm hold if over applied. You can apply less product the next time or use the Gloss Pomade to un-scrunch the crunch.

Why are some parts of my hair curly and some frizzy....
Sounds like you did not apply the product evenly to each section. On thick tight curls you can never slap the Curling Custard on the top of your head and expect good results. It will not penetrate to the inner layers to define the curls. On your next try make sure you divide your hair into small sections and apply to each section starting at the root and smooth it all the way down the length of the hair to the ends.

The ends of my hair are still straight....
You may have heat damage from a flat iron or curling iron. Our products will not make your hair curl up if it has been damaged by heat. You can twist and twirl sections around your fingers to create a curl or you may cut off the damaged straight ends.


  1. I wondered why the ends of my hair were straight. I also learned that the front of my hair grows slower than the back of my hair (so there is more chemically treated hair in the front).

    Thank you Chazzy for doing this...

  2. i cut all the chemical off and realize i have different texture hair. one part is soft curly, afro frizz, and hust wave patterns in other parts. one product does not work fro the rest of my hair. what to do? what to do?-jojo