Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is natural hair really for me?

Many people are considering going natural...but the question is...."is natural hair really for me?" Going from chemically processed hair to natural is a tough desicion for some. You have to consider your lifestyle, your hair texture, or will you make it through the transition phase. Being natural is a beautiful thing, but it does take a lot of time, patience, and dedication. Most clients come to me asking, "do I have to shave all my hair off to go natural?" and the answer is no! You only have to cut all your hair off if you make that choice to do so. I always tell my clients to try growing their relaxers out before considering chopping it all off, due to the fact that the client may change their mind, and if they have chopped it all off then they have to work with a short hair cut and grow their hair back to the desired length. I recommend that you wait at least 6-8 months before making a desicion to chop it all off. You don't have to cut your hair just to go natural. You can grow the relaxer out and just have the relaxed ends trimmed off over a course of time. I recommend that you educate yourself about the process so you can be prepared for potential challenges and obstacles. Find a stylist that specializes in natural hair. All stylist do not agree with the change from relaxed to natural, so you have to find a stylist that will support you with your desicion for the transtition. You must use moisturizing products in between your visit to the salon. It is best that you visit the salon weekly, and receive deep conditioning treatments at least twice a month. It is very important to keep the hair moisturized especially at the line of demarctation. The line of demarcation is the line where natural hair meets the relaxed hair. If not properly cared for this will cause breakage to the hair. Last but not least, just because you go natural doesn't mean that you have to wear your hair in a afro, or in braids. Natural hair just means that you don't have a harsh chemical changing the natural curl pattern to make the hair straight. Therefore, you can wear straight hair, or any hairstyle you would normally wear with relaxed hair, you now can wear it and be 100% natural.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 need to get your ends trimmed, what time is better than the present?

Many clients act as if it's the end of the world when you tell them that they need their ends trimmed. I'm sure that sense early childhood your mother or stylist has been trimming your ends. I hear so often that a stylist gave a client a haircut instead of trimming their ends. Yes there may be some scissor happy stylist but most are trimming exactly what needs to be trimmed. If you go months or years without getting your ends trimmed, then yes expect a haircut. But to the defense of the client, yes the stylist must or should show the client just how much needs to be taken off before chopping into their hair. If you are seeing a new stylist, a better term to use than requesting a ends trim is "can you lightly dust my split ends." This way you and your stylist will be on one accord as to how much should be taken off. Please don't be afraid to ask to look in the mirror as your ends are being dusted/trimmed. A true professional will not be offended when asked if you can observe.

How to Prevent Split Ends....

  1. There is no true way to remove split ends aside from trimming your hair, but you can take care of your hair and prevent their return.
  2. Identify whether or not you have split ends. The scientific name for them is Trichoptilosis, a longitudinal splitting of the hair fiber, and there are several types:
  • Generic split ends
  • The same strand of hair splitting multiple times
  • Splitting occurring in the middle of the hair strand that will appear as a hole if the strand is bunched up
  • Single strand knots, mostly seen in dry, curly hair.
    3.   Get a regularly trim, every six to eight weeks or as needed. Trims should be at least 1/4 to 1   
          inches.Removing split ends keeps your hair healthy and growing strong.
    4.   Don't believe when products claim to "heal" split ends. Most products can seal the split ends to  
          help it look healthier, but they aren't reversing the damage.